• Rattlesnake Warning

    Do Not Attempt Rattlesnake Removal

    Public Service Announcement, If you come across a Rattlesnake or Reptile, DO NOT ATTEMPT Rattlesnake removal on your own, please seek a qualified snake removal service or contact Lou Fraser at 916.259.4496

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  • Servicing Placer County and Napa Valley

    Also: El Dorado, Sonoma County and Nevada County as well as the entire Bay Area.

    Whether your a client looking for a rattlesnake removal estimate, rattlesnake safety inspections, or looking for immediate rattlesnake abatement; Reptile Removal USA is the most affordable rattlesnake removal in the county.

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  • Dont Be a Victim!

    Florida Reptile Prevention

    When it comes to safety from Serpents & Crocodilians, one can never be too careful. With our professional alligator removal system, snake proof fencing and biodegradable repellants; you are making an investment in your families safety.

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  • Snake Denning:
    It Happens!

    Be Safe with a Reptile Inspection

    When winter rolls around, and tis the season. Winter is the perfect time for Snake Denning to occur. Call for inspections.

    Rattlesnake Den Inspections Call: 916.259.4496

  • Do You Know How To Identify A Rattlesnake?

    Explore our education section today!

    If it looks like a Rattle and sounds like a Rattle, it must be a Rattlesnake. If you come across a snake like this, call us immediately.

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Humane Rattlesnake Removal and Abatement

Humane rattlesnake removal and abatement includes education and reassurance that all snake sightings in the target area are covered by a snake tracking professional.

Permanent snake reduction solution includes transport away from homes or businesses. If you are interested in learning more about this process, please feel free to contact our company and a qualified representative will be dispatch to your location.

We have a passion for quality and love to educate our clients, as the knowledge is power and your safety from rattlesnakes is paramount.

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